Texas Beef gives quality ranch raised our meat. The distinction between our hamburger and locally acquired meat is straightforward. Locally acquired meat originates from stuffed stock yards that eat feed bound with anti-microbials so as to hold contamination and illness down. Texas Beef steers never observe a stock yard. Our cows are raised on many sections of land of rich green fields here in East Texas, and are given an enhancement of grain to give the ideal flavor. Whenever you've had Our steaks you'll never return to locally acquired. Our Brisket, Our grass-fed beef, ribs, Tri Tip, Roast and Our burger meat are bound to satisfy you and your family, and Our steaks and ground hamburger are anything but difficult to arrange on the web. We additionally give grass took care of hamburger, simply let us know your families inclination. Found locally close to TX you can believe that your Our hamburger is originating from a solid source. From our field to your plate, taste the nearby East Texas contrast with Texas Beef .  


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